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Operating confidently in a business environment requires an ever increasing command of Business English.  Whether it be working with foreign colleagues, dealing with international suppliers, selling to overseas customers, communicating with financial, technical or business consultants or understanding business reports and news articles, a practiced knowledge of Business English can provide you with the necessary edge you need to be successful.

At Blackthorn Language Services we believe that your Business English should be relevant, practical and usable based on the real-life situations that you will typically find yourself in.

We also believe that learning Business English should be fun. Our attractive seminar locations are in an English speaking country (Ireland), chosen so that you can be accompanied by a (non-)participating partner and close to attractive amenities that encourage you to get out and apply your English and Business English skills on a daily basis.

Our course leader is a highly qualified native English speaking trainer with vast experience in working in international business.  He brings this experience into our seminars, thus ensuring that the participants leave with a new and enhanced set of immediately applicable Business English skills.


Business English Intensive Training


Blackthorn Language Services Business English Intensive Training is designed to present you with a care-free, all-inclusive environment to allow you to maximise your Business English learning experience.  The syllabus is a balanced mixture of teaching combined with role-playing and practical exercises.  In the course of a week, we will take you through a business scenario, starting with an initial market analysis, making contact with potential customers, communicating with them via E-Mail, telephone and formal letter, making formal proposal presentations and finally negotiating a deal.

We have selected a number of stately homes in the west of Ireland as locations for these Business English seminars.  All of these are located close to amenities such as golf, hill-walking, angling (sea and fresh-water), horse riding, water sports, etc.  The program is planned so that we can cover an extensive Business English syllabus while still leaving time to get out and meet the locals, thus providing you with plenty of opportunities to practice your Business English.

Accommodation is designed so that you can bring a partner with you. This allows you to combine Business English training with vacation, work with pleasure.

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In-house Business English Training


Do you require a special Business English training for yourself or your company?

Do you want to focus on particular aspects such as Marketing, Telephone Calls, Presentations, Business Writing, etc.?

Are you preparing a workforce for more direct contact with foreign, English speaking colleagues or business partners?

Are you preparing for an over seas deployment and want to brush up on your Business English in advance?

Please contact us to discuss your needs.  We can arrange a tailored Business English course to address your specific requirements.


Business English Coaching


Following a Business English Intensive Training, continuous Business English support could help improve your business efficiency.

A Business English coach can help senior executives prepare for key presentations, work through meeting strategies and polish up the language to be used before going into the actual meeting.

We will act as a practice audience and sparring partner, bringing both international business experience and Business English expertise into the sessions. This will allow you to focus on content and fine-tune your messages in accurate Business English helping you to navigate your business situations with confidence.




Business English Intensive Training

In-house Business English Training

Business English Coaching





Business English in Kerry






Ireland: 12–19 June, 2010 (Kerry)

Ireland: 19–26 June, 2010 (Kerry)


Business English in Galway






Ireland: 11–18 Sept., 2010 (Connemara)

Ireland: 18–25 Sept., 2010 (Connemara)